Saturday, September 8

Lexxi Tyler And Candi Manson Lesbian Sex

While on a shooting assignment, Jimmie bumps into Aziani girl Lexxi Tyler and her friend Candy Manson at the studio. Since Lexxi and Candy couldn't keep their hands off each other, Jimmie asked those two to stay a little while longer and play with each other while the camera is running. Always up for a challenge, Lexxi and Candy agreed. Those two blonde busty babes always keep their favorite toys with them so the video promised to be a very good time...

Thursday, August 16

Sexy Lexxi

Lexxi Tyler, who's been called "Sexy Lexxi" more times than she can count, has always struck me as one of those hot girls who hangs out with the other hot girls and can always be seen giggling and pointing and gossiping about the other boys. They're the kinds of girls who seem like they're hard to get, but they really aren't. Lexxi once confirmed my impression of her. "My girlfriends and I will check out guys at parties like guys check out girls," she said. "We make comments about their asses, their bulges, their arms and their faces and we rate them, just like guys rate girls." She also said, "I like going out with my girlfriends. We're all hot and bisexual and love to find guys and girls to play with. We'll go to a nice dinner and have a few drinks. Then we'll set out and start hitting the best clubs. We know all the bartenders and doormen. They take care of us because we always liven things up.

Friday, June 22

Monday, March 12

Lexxi Tyler Masturbates In Pantyhose

A busty blonde in nylons is always something to get excited about. Lexxi Tyler slowly and sensually encases her long legs with her pantyhose, then grabs her favorite little friend to release some endorphins before it's time to get dressed for work.

Monday, February 19

Sunday, January 7

Lexxi Tyler In Sexy Lingerie Getting Pussy Licked By Holly Wellin

Holly Wellin with her best friend Lexxi Tyler in a hot lesbian submission session. Here Holly is here for Lexxi's pleasure and to do her bidding. The girls are all glammed up in sexy lingerie and stockings so they get all worked up and are horny for each other. Holly is place on her knees to service and please Lexxi so her tongue is put to good use. She is rewarded with a mouthful of warm cum from Lexxi's dripping wet pussy. mmmmmm.

Sunday, November 19

Lexxi Tyler's Pussy Beads Video

Lexxi Tyler found our stash of new sex toys and this string of permanently connected beads caught her eye. Our eyes, on the other hand, are firmly dedicated to watching her pussy lips hug and swallow those little balls as Lexxi brings herself to yet another scorching orgasm.